How to Stay Soccer Fit When Training on Your Own During Covid - 4 Soccer Fitness Drills

How to Stay Soccer Fit When Training on Your Own During Covid - 4 Soccer Fitness Drills

Coronavirus might prevent you from playing with your team, but you can use that to your advantage. You can get ahead of other players. Here are 4 drills to help you stay soccer fit when training on your own during Covid.

Explaining Why These 4 Drills Instead of Standard Running

As there’s only so much jogging/running that you can do, which is not quite specific to soccer movements will not necessarily help you stay match fit. 

That’s why you should do a lot of different interval training instead.

Why are intervals more effective than jogging?

Due to the fact that in a game, you rarely ever run at the same pace. It’s a mix of walking, jogging, and sprinting, with a lot of changes of direction. That’s why while you can still do running, it shouldn’t be your main soccer fit workout if you want to stay game fit on your own during Covid.

Soccer intervals also make it a little bit more exciting. They are ball based (although you can do all of these drills without a ball) so you also get to work on your ball control and dribbling, and even more importantly, allow you to work on your technique and ball control when you start to get tired, which is also important from the perspective of improving your game.

These 4 drills to stay soccer fit during Covid, like already mentioned, can be done with or without a ball, so perhaps do a 50/50 split, with one part of the drills being done with the ball, and the other, at a little bit faster pace, without the ball.

Drill 1: The X Drill

Set up a 7x7m (7,6 yards) square with 4 gates on each corner. Start from the middle and drive around the square in a shape of an 8. Repeat this 8 times and then rest for 1 minute.

If you wish, make the square bigger. And of course, the bigger the square, the bigger the distance to run. But for most, a 7x7 should work.

This drill is fantastic for improving your dribble while at high speed, especially since it implements a lot of sharp turns.

But remember, when doing this drill with the ball, it’s important to do the drill properly. If you find that you are failing, slow it down, and then take it up a notch when doing it without a ball.

Drill 2: The T Drill

As the letter suggests, place a set of 4 cones in a shape of a T, about 6 meters apart, with that being around 6,6 yards.

Start from the bottom of this “T” cone setup, and run to the top, take a turn right, go around the cone, then run straight, take another turn, and then lastly, at the middle point, take a right, and return to the starting point.

Repeat 4 times per foot, with a total of 8 runs in total.

Rest for 45 seconds. 

This drill is great to work on your close ball control.

And with UNO by Playermaker, you can track all the touches you do while doing these drills. UNO is a set of smart trackers that are on your feet, meaning you get soccer exclusive data such as the touches you made, the velocity of your kicks, or how many times you released the ball.

Drill 3: Shuttles

This drill is the most intense out of all these, so it is the one that will help you get the most soccer fit when training on your own during covid when it comes to speed and fitness.

Set up one cone at the start of the pitch, and then the next one 5 meters (5.5 yards) away. Add another one the same distance away, and then another one the same distance away.

You then run from the start to the first cone, followed by running back to the start. Then you run to the second cone and back to the start. Lastly, you run to the 3rd cone, and back.

Perform this 6-8 times with 1-minute rest in-between. This drill is fantastic because it allows you to accelerate, decelerate and change direction, making the intensity of it very match realistic, which at the end of the day, you need to stay soccer fit during COVID.

Drill 4: Hoff Dribble Track

This last drill is a combination of several different exercises. 

You can set it up in any direction you want at any distance you want, but it needs to consist of a cone weave, at least 2 sprints, one backwards run/dribble, and one zig zag run.

Coneweave = Cones set apart in a straight line at the distance of both of your feet. You dribble around the cones with the ball.

Sprint = You try to run your fastest.

One backwards run/dribble = You dribble backward with the ball.

Zig-Zag Run = You set the cones in a zig-zag position.

An example layout?

A cone weave, a sprint, a backwards run (if you were running straight, you would turn right), a zig-zag, and then a sprint back to the starting point.

Here’s the crazy part about this. Rest for 5 seconds.

Do these 8 times.

That’s How to Stay Soccer Fit on Your Own During Covid

These 4 drills will be as intense as you make them.

At the end of the day, you can lie to yourself regarding how much effort you put in, but with UNO by Playermaker, a smart soccer tracker that is on your feet, you will see all the data after your training sessions. That means that you will see whether the velocity of your runs is at its best and whether you are getting enough touches in.

And when you see if you are working enough or not, then you can do something about it.