Kicking Actions to Profile Players

Applied Example in the Academy Context

Our technology has the power to measure a strength or power measure in the release velocity. The ability to now profile each player in training sessions where MDT teams look at each player’s left vs right foot maximum release velocity. Players in the Elite context are able to use both legs – ambidextrous players. However, each player will still have a dominant leg and a non-dominant leg. The dominant leg should be the stronger leg and the non-dominant leg should be the weaker one. This was not the result that was seen based on the data:

Red Line: Right Leg Maximum Release Velocity (m/s)

Green Line: Left Leg Maximum Release Velocity (m/s)

Orange Bar: Left Average Release Velocity (m/s)

Black Bar: Right Average Release Velocity (m/s)

Four players’ left and right foot release velocity reflected fairly even numbers. This was the same throughout all positions.