Additional Pair of Playermaker Straps
Additional Pair of Playermaker Straps
Additional Pair of Playermaker Straps
Additional Pair of Playermaker Straps

Additional Pair of Playermaker Straps

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    Always have an extra pair of straps for the right and left foot and have an extra pair for games or training sessions. 

    There are two sizes: Medium and Large.
    Please view the size chart and select the size of the straps below. 

    Please note that the Medium straps comes in Gray and the Large in Black.

    Material: Silicone

    Weather Durability: 100% Waterproof - suitable for all playing conditions


    Don't take our word for it



    “It’s much more comfortable than the one I wear on my back. I would prefer this one than the GPS”

    Mohamed El Monir

    LA Football Club



    “The aspect playermaker UNO can help me improve on is that it tells you your weaknesses—its an educational device. A lot of professional soccer players should be using this device”

    Augustine Williams

    LA Galaxy



    “Playermaker technology will give our coaching staff the ability to more effectively develop student athletes in the future.”

    Kenneth Penn

    Fever United



    I wish when I was little that I could have a device like this, so I can analyze how many touches I am doing with each foot and try to improve more.

    Phillip Ejimadu

    LA Football Club



    Playermaker was designed for soccer players at all levels that want to track, monitor, compare, share and benchmark their performance metrics to improve their game over time. The device is suitable for players of all ages and playing levels, from kids to adults. The exact technology is used by professional players all over the world.

    We are humbled to let you know that Playermaker technology is being used across the globe, by players of all ages and playing levels.

    In the U.S., there is a large presence of Playermaker technology in both the Men’s and Women’s professional soccer leagues, consisting of about half of the MLS and multiple NWSL clubs. We also have a large and ever growing number of partnerships with top NCAA College teams (with a presence in all 3 divisions).

    On the European side of things, Playermaker is being used in many top European Premier League teams, such as Leicester City, Manchester City and Liverpool. We’re also proud partners with the Rangers, Hull City and Fulham FC.

    The # 1 recommended way to wear your Playermaker straps is with either cleats or artificial turf shoes. The Playermaker design compliments cleats best when used on grass or artificial turf surfaces. You can wear your Playermaker kit with artificial turf shoes when playing on any of the following surfaces: artificial turf, gym floor, concrete, or grass.

    The Playermaker sensors are protected by a durable silicone strap and are designed and built specifically for the roughest and toughest playing conditions. We rarely come across durability issues, despite players competing at every level, from amateur to elite.

    There is a one-year warranty on the hardware of the device and charging case. You can read the full details of the warranty policy in the link in the footer.

    If you are not completely satisfied with your Playermaker sensors, you are entitled to return your Playermaker sensors and receive a refund within 30 days from the time that the device was delivered. You can read the full details of the return policy in the link in the footer. Accept returns after 30 days and in good condition.

    When you place your order, your Playermaker kit will be delivered within 15 business days.