Are Soccer vests worth it? 5 Benefits and Negatives to Consider

Are Soccer vests worth it? 5 Benefits and Negatives to Consider

Thinking of getting a soccer vest and want to know are soccer vests worth it? There are a few things to consider. In this post, we go over some of the benefits and negatives to consider.

Positive: Data Can Reduce the Risk of Injuries

You can have a strong squad or can be a great player, but if you or the best players on the team get injured, that can have a huge impact on a team.

Injury Risk

Tottenham was a great example of that in the 19/20 season.

Knowing how far a player’s body can go before they should slow things down in a training or so that they can be taken off during the match, it can reduce the risk of injuries from key players. 

Soccer vests give data that allows you to see that.

In other sports like Rugby, soccer vests also have a huge impact on the safety of players due to the ability to calculate G-force on body impact which matters a lot when it comes to concussions.

Negative: GPS Tracking is Limited

If you ever used car navigation or simply went for a run and wanted to check your run map after your run, then you know that GPS while being a great piece of technology is limited.

In 2019 it was revealed that Aston Villa might have data problems due to tracking positional data via GPS. That’s not specifically an issue caused by the GPS tracker, but rather a limitation of GPS which doesn’t go through the likes of roofs effectively.

That also makes GPS trackers less reliable when playing indoor or simply outdoor with balloons over the pitch meaning that you can’t use vests on any field nor any condition.

And since soccer vests are on your chest, the options for tracking via other methods, are much more limited.

Positive: Soccer Vests Give Data That allows You To Improve

It’s not a gimmick. Data works. 

Every player has different needs. Some players are of a bigger build, some of a smaller build. There’s a ton of differences in what each player needs and if you do the same for all, not everyone will improve. 

...And some will perform worse...

And ultimately that’s what allows you to improve. Maintaining your level is key, and data allows that.

If certain players are overworking or overreaching, data will show that. And that’s a huge benefit that makes soccer vests worth it for many teams and many individual players.

Negative: Soccer is played with Feet

GPS trackers do provide you with incredible data regarding your position on the pitch, but soccer is played with your feet, and that is a limitation of GPS trackers.

You won’t ever get data regarding your touches, kicks, or velocity of kicks, meaning you are missing out on pure soccer technical data.

And that’s where Playermaker UNO comes in. UNO? It’s a set of soccer trackers for your feet.

UNO sensors

With a real-time machine learning algorithm, every step and every ball touch counts. Playermaker's 6-axis motion smart sensor is built with a gyroscope and accelerometer that samples movement events at 1000 times/sec.

That allows you to know everything about your soccer-specific movements during matches and when training.

UNO won’t provide you with a map regarding your positioning on a pitch as it’s not a GPS tracker, but due to its location, which is on the feet, it’s able to measure all the foot to ball interactions data. Something football vests can’t do, meaning you get both the physical, technical, and most importantly, foot-related data. 

Negative: GPS Trackers Are Not Comfortable

Are soccer vests worth it? Not as far as comfort. Arsène Wenger perhaps said it best... 

“I’ve seen many players throwing it away during games or during training” - Arsène Wenger 

You are constantly aware that they are on you because of the pressure they create. Due to that, in many cases, female players are not wearing them because they find them even less comfortable.

UNO? You place the trackers on your soccer cleats and you forget about them after you put it on. 

Are Soccer Vests Worth it?

Soccer vests provide data that can reduce the risk of injuries. They also work in many different sports.

...But GPS is only as accurate as the GPS signal, and whether the soccer player chooses to wear it in a match or training session.

GPS trackers are great for physical analysis but not enough for soccer where you need to analyze your physical and technical performance.

UNO By Playermaker? It offers both. It’s a soccer-only tracker that tracks the most important part of your body when it comes to soccer, feet. You get physical and technical data as well as data regarding the interactions of your feet with the ball.